Internet usage monitoring software

WFilter ICF - Internet usage monitoring, tracking and filtering software

  • Monitor and archive all internet activities

    • Keep a detail record of each web surfing and web posting.
    • Record emails content and attachment.
    • Monitor and capture instance messengers' chat contents and activities.
    • Monitor and capture files transferred by web, ftp and IM tools.
    • You only need to install WFilter in one computer to monitor all computers in your network.
  • Filter internet content and restrict internet access

    • Filter certain websites and url keywords.
    • Filter websites by category, supports up to 60+ categories.
    • Customizable email usage control policy.
    • Block certain messengers.
    • Block file transfers.
  • P2P, online streaming and online gaming control

    • Detect and block P2P traffic.
    • Detect and block online streaming media.
    • Detect and block online gaming, stock software and others.
    • Supports up to 500+ protocols and software.
  • Real time network connection monitor and alert

    • Show online computers.
    • Show online messengers, online browsing and file downloading.
    • Show all online internet connections, and administrators can also block or cancel a current session.
    • Monitor each computer's real-time bandwidth.
    • Real-time keywords alert.
    • Real-time application launching alert.
  • Various kinds of statistic and report

    • Various kinds of graphics statistics for chatting, web surfing, email...
    • Automatically send daily report to the administrator.
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2019-1-28 WFilter en.5.0 is released.
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