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        WFilter en.4.1 version is released.

        WFilter en.4.0.170 version is released. For details, please check WFilter en.4.0.170 changeLogs.

        WFilter en.4.0 version is officially released.

         WFilter en.4.0 is in public beta. This major version update includes a new designed UI, performance improvements and new features: dashboard, servers management, more alert types, pass-through filtering mode and other new features. For more details, please check: WFilter 4.0 is coming.

         WFilter is upgraded to version 3.3.192. Monitoring of messages and file transfer of MSN 2011 are supported.

         WFilter 3.3.175 is released. This update added support for windows 7 64 bit. By now, all major windows versions(both 32 and 64 bit) are supported by WFilter.

         WFilter 3.3.169 is released. This update added support of querying and reporting by AD user accounts. A proxy server module is also added, by which you can do monitoring without a manageable switch.

         WFilter 3.3 is released!

         We're excited to announce that WFilter 3.3 is now in public Beta! This update includes a new default look and feel, improvements to stability and performance. Several new features are added, including "bandwidth limit", "url keywords blocking", "website time quota", "web-based email monitoring" and other exciting features.

         WFilter 3.2.143 is released, this update fixed some compatible problems, as well as improved protocol classify algorithm and UI.

         WFilter 3.2 is released.

         WFilter 3.2 beta2 is released. Add url categories, more flexible blocking level and more flexible black and white list. UI redesigned.

         IMMonitor 2.3 is released. No trial period limit. Monitoring web surfing, messengers and emails.

         WFilter 3.1 database version is released. Add support of sqlserver and mysql database for data storge.

         WFilter 3.1 is released. The new version add support of several type of file transfers, support up to 68 common protocols.

         WFilter 3.1 beta2 is released. The new version supports monitoring of several type of file transfers. And it can monitor up to 68 common protocols.

         WFilter 3.1 beta1 is released. The new version supports monitoring of several type of file transfers.And it can monitor up to 68 common protocols,but has a few bugs.

         WFilter v3.0 is released. The new version improved a lot on block policy and management features. Some new features are added: key words alert, MSN file transfer, manage operators, Statistic Report System.

         WFilter v2.2 is released. New UI is implemented, The new version enhanced block policy, You may set the block policy for every computer to block web surfing, mail sending and recving, IM tools, downloading files, Bittorrent and so on.

         IMMonitor Enterprise v2.1 is released. Some bugs are fixed. And improved a lot of IM content monitor.

         WFilter 2.1 is released. WFilter can monitor all the traffics in you lan. And you can control IM usage of several IM tools.

         IMMonitor2.0 is released. The new version has improved a lot in instant message dectection and email monitor is added. And we use web technical as the user interface, it will be more convenience in using our product and remote access is available.

         IMMonitor Enterprise v1.1 is released, the new version has more powerful instant message dectection. And deep content inspection capabilities are added which can detect instant message conversations transfered via HTTP or HTTPS.

             A new patch of IMMonitor Enterprise Edition is released,fixed bug of unstable MSN detection.

         IMMonitor Enterprise 1.0 is now available. Monitor and capture MSN,ICQ,AIM,YAHOO's conversations on LAN.Sniff and record all the chat messages.

         IMMonitor Personal Edition 1.0 is now available. Monitor and capture MSN,ICQ,AIM,YAHOO's conversations on your computer. Record all the chat messages.