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Live Messenger Blocking and Monitoring Introduction

Windows Live Messenger (WLM), commonly referred to by the previous names of MSN Messenger or MSN for short, is an advertisement-supported instant messaging client for Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, and Windows Mobile, first released on July 22, 1999 by Microsoft. It is part of Microsoft's Windows Live set of online services.

Windows Live Messenger gives you brilliant ways to connect and share your photos (and other stuff). Contact lists, emoticons, instant access to your friends.

Using WFilter to monitor, filter and block live messenger(MSN messenger).

WFilter related features:

  • Monitor live messenger(MSN messenger) usage.
  • Record live messenger(MSN messenger) chat contents.
  • Record files transfered by live messenger(MSN messenger).
  • Implement a policy to block live messenger(MSN messenger) or certain messenger accounts.
  • Block live messenger(MSN messenger) file transfers.
  • Support official MSN messenger client, windows messenger, Live messenger, webmessenger and other third party clients like gaim, trillian.

WFilter other features:

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Updated: 2010-07-28

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