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Introduction of Recv Mail(IMAP)

IMAP is one of two of the most prevalent Internet standard protocols for e-mail retrieval.Many implementations of webmail use IMAP to retrieve e-mail message from a server and display them within a web browser, making the use of this protocol transparent to the user.

Protocol Summary and Ports Range of Recv Mail(IMAP)

IMAP is an application layer Internet protocol operating on port 143 that allows a local client to access e-mail on a remote server.

WFilter's solution for Recv Mail(IMAP) traffic management

  • Detect Recv Mail(IMAP) traffic in your network.
  • Implement a policy to block certain Recv Mail(IMAP) traffic.
  • Real-time application launching alert of Recv Mail(IMAP).
  • Monitor Recv Mail(IMAP) 's real-time bandwidth.
  • More

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