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Introduction of TradeManager

TradeManager is an operation center within the Alibaba.com website that provides general instant communication functions.

Protocol Summary and Ports Range of TradeManager

TradeManager uses TCP protocol to communicate. The default login port is 16000. If port 16000 can not be reached, it will use TCP port 443 instead. HTTP, SOCK4 and SOCK5 proxy servers are also supported.

WFilter's solution for TradeManager traffic management

  • Detect TradeManager traffic in your network.
  • Implement a policy to block certain TradeManager traffic.
  • Real-time application launching alert of TradeManager.
  • Monitor TradeManager 's real-time bandwidth.
  • More

Products Supported by WFilter

  • TradeManager-tb (   Up to version "7.21.01C"   )
  • TradeManager-ali (   Up to version "7.08.05M"   )

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