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Introduction of PPS,PPStream

PPStream is a Chinese peer-to-peer streaming video network software.Since there is no official English version, and P2P technology relies on users, vast majority of channels are from Eastern Asia.

Protocol Summary and Ports Range of PPS,PPStream

PPStream uses both TCP and UDP to communicate. UDP port is fixed 7201 and 7202 while TCP port is dynamic.

WFilter's solution for PPS,PPStream traffic management

  • Detect PPS,PPStream traffic in your network.
  • Implement a policy to block certain PPS,PPStream traffic.
  • Real-time application launching alert of PPS,PPStream.
  • Monitor PPS,PPStream 's real-time bandwidth.
  • More

Products Supported by WFilter

  • PPS, PPStream (   Up to version "V3.1.0.1008 "   )

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