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Introduction of Quake3

Quake III Arena or Quake 3, abbreviated as Q3A or Q3, is a multiplayer first-person shooter computer and video game. Quake III Arena is the third title in the series and differs from the previous games in the Quake series in that it excludes the normal single-player element, instead focusing upon multiplayer action.

Protocol Summary and Ports Range of Quake3

Quake 3 uses TCP protocol to communicate. Default ports are from 627960 to 27969.

WFilter's solution for Quake3 traffic management

  • Detect Quake3 traffic in your network.
  • Implement a policy to block certain Quake3 traffic.
  • Real-time application launching alert of Quake3.
  • Monitor Quake3 's real-time bandwidth.
  • More

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